There are 4 Special Schools within Solihull: Hazel Oak School, Reynalds Cross School, Merstone School and Forest Oak School. We are a dedicated team of Registered Children’s Nurses and Nursing Assistants with training and experience working with children with additional health and learning needs who provide support to these schools. Each school has a link nurse available for direct referral. Other health care professionals or parents may also refer into this service.

We work in partnership with families, the Children’s Community Nurses, the Children’s Learning Disability Nurses, other health professionals and social care services.

At Reynalds Cross and Merstone Schools we provide daily onsite support and at Hazel Oak and Forest Oak Schools we provide once weekly onsite and regular telephone support.

what we do

We provide advice and guidance on a variety of issues:

  • Health assessment and care planning
  • Support for children receiving nasogastric or gastrostomy feeds
  • Support for seizure management including rescue medication
  • Training for school staff
  • Monitoring of Growth and Development
  • Supporting, assessing and reviewing continence needs
  • Behaviour management
  • Parenting advice/ support using the Solihull Approach Programme
  • Emotional health and well being including self esteem and self harm support
  • Confidential sexual health advice
  • Confidential drop in clinics
  • Puberty and body development groups
  • Child protection

meet the team

Rachel Yeates

Paediatric Matron

Sharon Patterson

Special Schools Nurses Team Lead

Laura Turton

Special Schools Nurse

Hayley Young

Special Schools Nurse

Kerry Mobbs

Special Schools Nurse

Samina Richards

Special Schools Nursing Assistant