what we do

We work in partnership with the family/carers to assess need.

We provide advice and support on the implementation of strategies to enable the child to reach their full potential in the following areas: toilet training, sleep programmes, behaviour management, puberty and personal relationships. We use strategies, implement routines and use pictorial aids, visual schedules and social stories to support the child/young person.

The learning disability nurses are linked to the special schools in Solihull and provide advice to children, parent/carers and staff within the school setting.

We are undertaking puberty workshops for young people within the special schools.

Meet the team

Rachel Yeates

Paediatric Matron

Tracey Wyatt

Team Lead Children’s Learning Disability Nurses

Emma Mills

Children’s Learning Disability Nurse

Shawna-Kay Webley

Trainee Nurse Associate LD

Rachel Paynter

Children’s Learning Disability Nurse

Cathtyn Fletcher

Children’s Learning Disability Nurse

Liz Anderson

Children’s Learning Disability Nurse

Avril McGill

Nursing Associate LD