Health Visitors are experienced, specialist nurses who offer help, information, support and advice to families with pre-school children. Every new mother will receive a home visit from a health visitor after having a baby. After that, home visits will be offered as necessary and families and carers are welcomed at the local Well Child Clinics run by the health visiting service. Health Visitors can offer advice and support on a number of issues, for example breastfeeding and the health and development of babies and children. They can also give advice on a range of lifestyle and health matters that might affect you as well as your baby. These can include healthy diets, stopping smoking and coping with stress.Health visitors can also refer you to other health professionals who may be able to help you. The Health Visitor can help you gain confidence in caring for your baby in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and attending clinic offers you the chance to meet other families in the early stages of parenthood.

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5 Key Health Visitor Visits

Antenatal contact

An Ante Natal contact to meet with families prior to the birth of your baby.

New Birth Visit

A New birth Visit between 10-14 days after the birth of your baby.

6 – 12 week Follow up

A 6-12 week contact focusing on maternal mental health and well being and an opportunity to review the health and development of your baby.

9 – 12 month development

A 9-12 month development assessment of your baby and review of maternal mental health

2 – 2.5 year development

A 2-2.5yr development review of your child.

In addition to the above contacts, parents are welcomed to contact the Health Visiting service at any time for advice and support in regards to themselves or their children.

When your child begins their reception year at school ongoing health support will then be provided by the School Nursing Team.